Intimate Gel
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Intimate Gel

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Brand: BioBellinda
Unit: 250 ml.  
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Due to the special texture and sensitivity of the genital area, it is not recommended to use ordinary products for thorough care during the cleaning of this area. Intimate wash gels are specially developed to protect the delicate skin texture and provide extra hygiene in the genital area. With BioBellinda Intimate Gel, you can safely experience a thorough cleaning and refreshing feeling throughout the day. 


Comprehensive and Hygienic Care

BioBellinda Intimate Gel has a pH of 4.8. In this way, it protects the micro flora in the genital area. In the remaining days, especially your special days, BioBellinda Intimate Gel provides extra cleaning and comfort feeling with its fresh smell. When used regularly and properly during genital cleaning, it also supports the acid mantle in this area.

Natural and Reliable Ingredient

BioBellinda Intimate Gel has a soothing and relaxing effect with the arnica montana extract it contains. It is a dermatologically tested product. It can be used safely during genital cleansing without irritating the skin or causing allergic reactions. 


How to Apply

It is enough to use BioBellinda Intimate Gel once a day. After use, you should rinse with plenty of water. If you want to experience the feeling of hygiene and comfort and support your skin health at any time of the day, you can have BioBellinda Intimate Gel with an advantageous shipping opportunity in a short time. 

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