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Every month hundreds of thousands of people in many different countries around the world prefer and use BioBellinda products to look and feel better, to clean with natural and safe cleaning products, and to help protect the environment.

Our brands consisting of cleaning, cosmetic, personal care, and supplementary products, offer us excellent opportunities to leave a positive impact and support sustainable living for people and the environment.

For a quarter of a century, we have been developing our products, production facilities and business without stopping. While we grow and develop as BioBellinda-Family, we continue our efforts to develop new ways of doing business that will ensure the protection of the world's natural resources. We know that everybody, who moves forward with us to our goal of "supporting sustainable living”, is devoted to this course as we are. With this strength and support, and with our increasing number of centers around the world, we continue to introduce our Vegan and Ecological certified products to the masses in search of naturalness all over the world.

While we are inspired by nature, we also believe that imagination and the desire for research and success can change lives. We continue to follow our belief with thanks to our steadily growing success!

We protect the environment and humanity while strengthening nature. In this regard, we unite the masses who want to achieve the same goal as us and enable them to be part of the cosmetics and cleaning industries by exposing their true potential.

Together with our constantly developing and improving quality management system and R&D team, we work relentlessly towards this goal and continue to produce innovative solutions.

We believe in diversity and provide the necessary opportunities and environments for people around the world to create a unique business opportunity for their journey to discover their potential. It makes us extremely happy to inspire people so that they can pursue and achieve their dreams and goals.


Our history of a quarter of a century has been full of creative, nature and environmentally friendly, and inspiring innovations and possibilities since the beginning. For years we have been challenging the norms of the cosmetic and cleaning sectors with every new product we develop.

• In 1996, cleaning products were produced for the first time and entered the sector.

• We started to serve in the Network Marketing sector in 2006.

• In 2008, using developing technologies, the production and sales of cosmetic products as well as cleaning products started.

• In May 2010, a modern production facility at European Standards was opened in Kocaeli and started its operations.

• By reaching 80,000 independent entrepreneurs in December 2010, successes that will make a difference in the field of Network Marketing were achieved.

• A logistics and operations center was established in Germany in 2013. Sales of cleaning and cosmetic products have started within the scope of Network Marketing in many countries, including Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria.

• In May 2014, new records were broken and a total of 142 thousand independent entrepreneurs were reached in Türkiye and Europe.

• In 2018, the Esbab brand, consisting of food supplements and herbal oils, was added to the product portfolio.

• The number of countries served reached 35 by adding the United Kingdom region in 2018 and the United States in April 2021.

• Azerbaijan logistics and operations center was established in 2024.

• In 2024, the number of countries served reached 41 by adding Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Canada, Morocco and Algeria.

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