Biobellinda Tican Unisex Parfum 50 Ml
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Biobellinda Tican Unisex Parfum 50 Ml

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Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Eau De Parfume
Unit: 50 ml.  
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Unisex perfumes, one of the scents that best suit the modern world of today, are stunning with their unique fragrances. Unisex perfumes, a fresh and relaxing fragrance when used by women, perfectly complement the charisma of men. BioBellinda Tican Unisex Parfum offers a balanced blend of fruity and woody essences. Thus, it allows you to have an unforgettable scent that appeals to men and women at the same time. 


Preference of Modern Women and Men

BioBellinda Tican Unisex Parfum is an ideal choice for unisex perfume lovers with its unique fragrance. A great combination of specially selected essences, Tican adapts to the pace of modern life. It is suitable for use in the business environment and social areas of both men and women. The perfume, which emits an unforgettable fragrance the moment it is in the air, offers the sweet fragrance of the top notes of bergamot, pink pepper and juniper berries. The heart notes make a woody closure with the unique scents of orris root, birch and cardamom, and the bottom notes with the musk scent.


Lasting Fragrance at Any Time of the Day

Although BioBellinda Tican Unisex Parfum has a fresh scent that adapts to daily life, it can be used easily at night and special occasions. After shower, you can use the product by applying it to your skin. The unisex perfume, which is even more permanent when applied to the hair, wrists, back and neck area, will make you noticed in any environment you are in! Order now, BioBellinda Tican Unisex Parfum will be delivered to your door with advantageous shipping opportunity.

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