Biobellinda Shower Gel İklil 290 Ml
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Biobellinda Shower Gel İklil 290 Ml

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Brand: BioBellinda
Unit: 290 ml.  
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You can use shower gel to freshen your skin while taking a bath and leave a pleasant scent on your skin after you leave the shower. You leave the bath in a relaxed mood with shower gels that also contribute to opening the skin pores and breathing of your skin.


Feel the Perfumed Smell on Your Skin

Iklil Shower Gel nourishes your skin with its vitamin E formula. You can take a pleasant bath by using shower gel to relieve the stress caused by a busy working day or to relax your body during sports. By using the Shower Gel, which is prominent with its perfumed formula providing long-lasting durability, you will have a remarkable and pleasant smell.

Benefit from Moisturizing Effect

Iklil Shower Gel, by moisturizing your skin, helps you to overcome dryness problem. You can massage your body with a shower gel by using a bath sponge, get rid of dead dermis and have a refreshed skin.


Comfort Coming with Easy-to-Use Shower Gel

Pour BioBellinda Shower Gel onto your bath washcloth, sponge or hand as much as you like. Massage your body with the shower gel and leave it on your body for a few minutes. To get better efficiency from Iklil Shower Gel, use the product more intensely in areas that frequently sweat, especially in the armpits. Repeat this treatment if needed. To experience the privileges offered by Iklil Shower Gel in the shower, add the product to your cart immediately and take advantage of the profitable cargo opportunity offered to you!


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