Biobellinda Repairing Hair Care Spray 220 Ml
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Biobellinda Repairing Hair Care Spray 220 Ml

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Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Hair Care
Unit: 220 ml.  
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Hair that has been over-processed or damaged requires effective and powerful care. You receive aid from our products with natural ingredients and strong formula that will reinforce your routine hair care to restore the moisture, strength and volume lost by your hair. BioBellinda Repair Hair Care Spray helps you to restore your hair to its silky softness and health with regular use. With its practical and easily applicable design, it is very easy to achieve healthy and lively hair with BioBellinda Repair Hair Care Spray that you can carry with you at any time! 


Long-Term and Powerful Restorative Effect

BioBellinda Repair Hair Care Spray is a product that you can use without rinsing. Thus, it makes a long-term and comprehensive care for your hair. If you use it regularly and in the right amount, your hair will have a stronger and more vibrant structure against breakage. Even if you use it for a long time, it doesn't cause dryness or loss of vividness in your hair. BioBellinda Repair Hair Care Spray draws its strength from natural ingredients. Since it does not contain materials such as paraben, alcohol and silicone, it does not create a feeling of heaviness or accumulation in your hair. The liquified keratin it contains repairs the weak sections on your hair strands within a short period of time and prevents further splitting and loss. 


With You Any Time You Want

Since you do not need to rinse after using BioBellinda Repair Hair Care Spray, you can apply it anytime and anywhere. You just need to shake the spray bottle and apply it to your hair before using it. You can spray wet or dry hair with peace of mind and then easily comb your hair. Do not neglect the care your hair needs. Add BioBellinda Repair Hair Care Spray to your cart to purchase with advantageous shipping opportunity!


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