Biobellinda Moisturizing Body Cream 200 Ml
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Biobellinda Moisturizing Body Cream 200 Ml

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Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Skin Care
Unit: 200 ml.  
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Every skin needs moisture. Regular skin care also means meeting the moisture supplement your skin needs. If your skin does not get enough moisture, it can begin drying, cracking and flaking. You can add BioBellinda Moisturizing Body Cream to your skin care routine as soon as possible to prevent these problems and maintain the softness, suppleness and health of your skin. 


The Power of Natural Vitamins and Moisturizers

BioBellinda Moisturizing Body Cream contains natural antioxidant E vitamins. Dermatologically tested. When your skin meets the moisture it needs, it is renewed faster and healthier. You can also get a softer and smoother skin with the glycerin and shea butter content in BioBellinda Moisturizing Body Cream. 


How to Apply

BioBellinda Moisturizing Body Cream allows your skin to remain well-cared and fragrant whole day long. The product showing full performance in areas that are more prone to dryness such as elbow, knee cap and wrist regions moisturizes your skin in the best way when it is applied by massaging slightly moist skin after a shower. You can add this fragrant and nutritious product to your daily skin care routine with advantageous cargo opportunity! Enjoy the flawless skincare experience


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