Biobellinda Leal Deo Roll-On For Women 50 Ml
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Biobellinda Leal Deo Roll-On For Women 50 Ml

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225,00 TL
Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Eau De Parfume
Unit: 50 ml.  
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Would you like to feel safe all day long using a roll-on that prevents the smell of sweat even on the busiest days, providing 24-hour dryness and refreshment in your armpits? Leal Deo Roll-on allows you to feel the refreshing fruit freshness all day with its natural plant extracts. Your armpits stay dry and clean, away from sweating, even on the hottest days.


Effective and Natural Challenge with Sweat Odor

Leal Deo Roll-on does not contain ingredients that will harm the nature and your health. Since it is prepared without containing alcohol and paraben in its special formula, it does not adversely affect your skin health. It is a dermatologically tested product. Natural herbal extracts that give you a feeling of freshness and dryness throughout the day prevent sweating odor without damaging the sweating mechanism in your body. It does not contain silicone and aluminum salt. Due to its fast-drying structure, it does not leave stains on your clothes or armpits. 


How to Apply

Leal Deo Roll-on is applied directly to dry and clean armpits. It is recommended to not to use the product if you have an irritated area on your skin. You should consume the Leal Deo Roll-on within 12 months after you start using it. It does not cause stains on your clothes with its quick dry nature. To get rid of the smell of sweat all day long, you can have Leal Deo Roll-on product by getting benefit of advantageous cargo opportunities. 

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