Biobellinda Glycolic Anti-Aging Day Cream (25+) 50 Ml
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Biobellinda Glycolic Anti-Aging Day Cream (25+) 50 Ml

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Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Skin Care
Unit: 50 ml.  
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One of the most important steps of daily skin care is the use of day cream. Day creams have a very thin structure, so they do not clog the pores and do not prevent your skin from breathing. To summarize, day creams help moisturize the skin, protect it from the sun, and have a vibrant and bright appearance. With Glycolic Series Day Cream SPF 20+, you can moisturize your skin, which may lose its elasticity due to external factors over time, give it a smooth appearance and slow down the aging process of the skin.


Youth Coming from Vitamins

Day cream protects you from the harmful effects of sun rays and fights against the dry skin. Sun rays come first among the reasons that cause aging of the skin. For this reason, it is necessary to protect the skin against photo-aging, not only in summer but also in winter. Glycolic Series Day Cream SPF 20+ contains rich filter types and provides protection against harmful UVA and UV B rays. Thanks to its content of vitamin B5, glycerin and shea butter, it fights dryness that causes wrinkles, by giving your skin the moisture it needs. It accelerates cell renewal with allantoin in its structure and slows the aging time of the skin with vitamin E. It supports the strengthening of the natural barrier structure of the skin with a pH of 5.5. Dermatologically tested. It is also suitable for all skin types.


How to Use the Glycolic Day Cream?

Glycolic Series Day Cream SPF 20+ is suitable to be used by the ages of 25 to 35; it should be applied in the morning to a clean face, neck and the cleavage area. If going out in the sun, it can be reapplied 20 minutes in advance. To achieve a more effective result, it is recommended to use it with the night and the eye creams of this series. You can make use of the advantageous cargo opportunities when purchasing Glycolic Day Cream.

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