Berenis Shampoo (Anti-Dandruff)
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Berenis Shampoo (Anti-Dandruff)

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Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Hair Care
Unit: 290 ml.  
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Hair care, which is an integral part of beauty, targets a healthy, dandruff-free appearance as well as cleanness. In order to get clean, dandruff-free, health-shining hair, you should choose quality products suitable for your hair. If you have dandruff, then it is important to make your choices more precise. BioBellinda Berenis Shampoo can give you the look you dream of with its content specially formulated for hair with dandruff.


Dandruff-free and Healthy Hair with Natural Formula

Thanks to its special formula containing 100% natural oils, the product helps to prevent dandruff formation in your hair. In a short time, you can have dandruff-free, clean and strong hair. BioBellinda Berenis Shampoo (Hair with Dandruff) has a restorative effect in addition to its anti-dandruff structure. The shampoo, which has completely natural content, helps you to get healthier hair strands while cleansing your hair from dandruff. The oils used are certified and natural. The fragrance and color in the product are natural fragrances of oils. Does not contain alcohol and paint. 


Practical Use, Permanent Solution

Apply the BioBellinda Berenis Shampoo (Anti-Dandruff) directly to your wet hair and foam it by massaging your scalp. Wait a few minutes and rinse with warm water for the product to penetrate the entire scalp. Repeat this process once more if you need it. You can benefit from the advantageous shipping opportunity and purchase the BioBellinda Berenis Shampoo (Anti-Dandruff) product.

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