Permanent Hair Dye (5.6 Hot Chocolate)
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Permanent Hair Dye (5.6 Hot Chocolate)

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Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Hair Care
Unit: 50 ml.  
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The trendiest colors, brown tones create an eye-catching effect that adapts to any skin type. 50 ml BioBellinda Permanent Hair Dye 5.6 Hot Chocolate tone continues to be one of the indispensable hair color choices of women. Cream hair dye that successfully closes the white ratio in the hair also gives permanent results in the applications of women who have light shades of yellow, platinum and caramel. BioBellinda permanent hair dye, which is frequently preferred due to its color intensity and nourishing effect on the hair, allows your hair to get a shinier and softer structure.  


Nutritious Vitamin C and Almond Oil Effect

BioBellinda permanent hair dye contributes to the growth and development of your hair with the vitamin C supplement in its formula. Vitamin C, which shows its effect even on deflated and highly splitting hair, helps strengthen the hair and look well-groomed. Almond oil which is present in the product leads to the removal of dandruff problems by providing softness on the hair. Produced without ammonia, the product is also appreciated for it does not contain harmful substances. 


Easy Application Advantage with Odorless Formula 

Properly mix the BioBellinda Permanent Hair Dye with the oxidation cream in the application bottle and shake it well until it gets homogeneous. Apply 2/3 of the mixture onto scalp and wait for 25-30 minutes. Then apply remaining mixture to the entire hair. Leave BioBellinda Permanent Hair Dye 5.6 Hot Chocolate for another 10 minutes to ensure that it penetrates all the strands of hair from bottom to top. And enjoy your new hair after rinsing with a generous amount of warm water. By ordering the product immediately, you can benefit from the advantageous shipping opportunity by purchasing BioBellinda Permanent Hair Dye to have natural and vibrant looking hair.

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