Biobellinda Berenis Baby-Shampoo 290 Ml | Eye Protection Special Formul
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Biobellinda Berenis Baby-Shampoo 290 Ml | Eye Protection Special Formul

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Brand: BioBellinda
Unit: 290 ml.  
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Since your babies' skin and eyes are very delicate, the shampoo you prefer should be developed for your baby's sensitive skin. BioBellinda Berenis Baby Shampoo has a special formula that does not burn your babies' eyes and does not harm their skin. You can also prefer BioBellinda Berenis Baby Shampoo with peace of mind to wash your baby with pleasure and confidence.


Quality in EU Standards

BioBellinda Berenis Baby Shampoo is best prepared for your baby and produced in accordance with European Union Quality Standards. It does not contain colorant that may cause any allergic reaction on your baby's skin. It is a dermatologically tested product. It does not contain alcohol, dye, soap, paraben, SLES, Silicone, and allergenic essence.

Tear-free Formula

One of the issues the mothers who wash their babies are most concerned about is the shampoo getting into the eyes of their babies. BioBellinda Berenis Baby Shampoo offers a more enjoyable and fun bathing experience for your baby and you with its special tear-free formula. With its natural and strong content, it cleans your baby's hair thoroughly. 


You can use BioBellinda Berenis Baby Shampoo by foaming with your hands or with bath fiber. According to your preference, it is also possible to foam it by mixing with bathing water. The product foams easily even when applied in small quantities. It has a structure that rinses easily from your baby's hair and skin and leaves no residue. If you want to use a product suitable for your baby's sensitive and delicate skin, you can add BioBellinda Berenis Baby Shampoo to your cart immediately. You can take advantage of the favorable shipping opportunity while shopping.

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